the story

FotorCreated 2I love getting lost.

                Most of us spend our lives searching for the feeling of belonging, but I truly feel most alive in the unexpected moments of insecurity.                         My greatest runs to date were those in which I just put shoe to pavement and allowed strides to turn to miles without any real plan or direction.

For my entire life I’ve been a planner–meticulously mapping out my next move and strategically taking into consideration all possible outcomes. Recently though, I’ve tried to live the way I run, embracing the wrong turns and enjoying my time beneath the sun.

This blog serves as a culmination of those adventures—–

My twenty-something journey through being fit, eating well, and drinking even better. I’ll be sharing my favorite ways to break a sweat, my most cherished eats and of course the perfect glass of vino to accompany it all through my gallivants in New York City and beyond.

Stay hungry, kids.


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