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onto the next one: summer eats + runs + moments to remember

“Don’t hold your breath.”

Growing up, I was one of those kids who did just that–faced with adversity, I’d hold it all in, shut the world out for even a moment until the storm passed. Or until my mom would utter that phrase and bring my small mind back to reality.

Nearly 23 years have passed, and fueled by 10ks and bagel sandwiches, I’ve shaken that easily overwhelmed girl. I’ve formed her into the woman I’ve become, remembering to not hold my breath–to not wait for anyone or anything and to breathe so deeply in through each moment.

Now, despite the perpetuating sweltering subway heat, sweet and wonderful summer draws to a close nearly as quickly as it arrived. And though the months flew by, the days themselves remained long, full of sweat, meals (mostly bagels) and quite honestly some of the most memorable and wonderful moments of happiness under the New York sun.

While a change in season prompts understandable nostalgia, it more importantly offers something much greater–a chance to evolve from experiences with the promise that what lies ahead can only be better.

Not buying it? Example one: Black Seed Bagels opens it’s new East Village location this week. You’re welcome.

So with September upon us and (hopeful) crisp, fall air on the way, I figured I’d let you in on a few of my favorite summer adventures–the miles, meals, and so much more.

Seamore’s, NolitaIMG_7118

Hometown BBQ, Red Hook, Brooklyn

IMG_7465 IMG_7466

Bar Primi, NoHo

IMG_7733 IMG_7736 IMG_7740

The Four Horsemen, Brooklyn

IMG_5647 IMG_7088

El Rey, LES

IMG_7544 IMG_7519 IMG_7554

Little Prince, Soho


Black Seed Bagels, Nolita


Tacoway Beach, Rockaway Beach


In between all of these amazing meals (not to mention, a few unforgettables that deserved to not be photographed and merely preserved in my memory), I’ve fit in some laughs with my favorite humans and some amazing workouts.

Runs that gave me perspective, Soul Cycle classes that gave me inspiration, and an amazing event called Wanderlust 108 that gave me the strength to embrace the end of summer and the start of something new and wonderful.

IMG_9600 IMG_1165

IMG_6349 IMG_6268

Maybe it’s easy to look at summer as a wonderful, ignorantly blissful 90 days. Something that can’t possibly be sustained for more than three months without us stopping to say “there’s no way we can keep doing what we’re doing.” Maybe it’s something that must come to an end eventually in order to give us the required perspective to understand the magic we created and truly appreciate it as it leaves us.

And maybe not.

We’re all seeking to feel something, give in to in.

Eat the ice cream (or two). Buy the shoes. And never, ever, hold your breath.

Run far, eat well, drink better,

xo Mol


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