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A New York Homecoming: Bagels + BBQ + Runs + All the Ice Cream

You know that feeling when you’re missing someone you love? Caught somewhere between sadness, nostalgia, hope and fear, spending the days apart constantly dreaming and remembering. All the while thinking perhaps the separation heeds a falsely perfect memory, one you’ve significantly built up in anticipation of the next time you’ll be together.

After leaving New York last summer, I spent nine months dreaming of the incredible food, drinks and miles I shared in this incredible city–building it all up more and more with each passing minute.  And though I am an absolute believer in true love, as a twenty something college grad, my heart still mostly belongs to me. Unless ice cream is involved.


So as an official welcome back, I spent the last week revisiting, exploring, eating and running–preparing for merely the start of my lifelong New York affair.


New York in the summertime can be a beautiful thing–the days are longer and outdoor concerts, food fests and farmers markets are in full swing. But along with the pros of a New York summer, come the inevitable cons–the subways are hotter, the streets are more humid, and the people who normally smell suddenly smell a lot worse.

And when the temperature is higher, the runs simply have to be earlier. So this week I laced up my Nike’s and logged 15 miles over three runs–three beautiful runs in a few of my favorite places.

IMG_3126 IMG_3324

The Central Park loop honestly hails as the most perfect run of all time. It’s the perfect distance, sprinkled with gorgeous views and a few killer hills in the back.

Being a runner and a foodie connects me to so many like minded humans, and thankfully the Nike Running Club in NYC exists and it’s amazing. I met up with NRC for some morning miles along the West Side Highway–perfect in every way.



While beautiful running routes are among the loves I missed so dearly while I was away, there’s one part of New York I quite possibly longed for even more with each passing minute we spent apart.

The bagels. All the bagels.

Egg + avocado + tomato, Pause Cafe

BEC + Birthday Cake cream cheese + Egg/Avo/Tomato, Tompkins Square Bagels


So with all these miles and a few Soul Cycle classes behind me, I proceeded to log a different kind of route–one that involved a few heavenly breakfast sandwiches, life changing ice cream cones and so much more along the way.

I’ll let the photos do the talking–try not to fall in love, I dare you.

Basil Pesto, Dudley’s

IMG_5572 IMG_5567 IMG_5557

Dinosaur BBQ, Brooklyn

IMG_5735 IMG_5700 IMG_5779 IMG_5693 IMG_5727

Buttermilk Honey Blueberry, Oddfellows 


Espresso, Happy Bones


Burnt Honey Vanilla, Cardamom Lemon Jam, Sesame Honeycomb + Vietnamese Coffee, Chocolate Oat, Morgensterns


I’m so sorry I was gone for so long. I promise to never leave you ever again.

From the moment the wheels touched the runway at JFK two weeks ago, I knew I was home. And running around this beautiful city–both with my Nikes navigating the park and with a giant ice cream cone searching for the perfect wall backdrop–I felt it more strongly than ever.

And maybe it is possible to conceptualize something you love through rose colored glass, but for me, New York (and mostly the bagels) have proven just as, if not even more incredible, than I ever could have remembered.

Wake up excited, eat a lot of ice cream, run a lot of miles, call it love and never look back.

Here’s to merely the beginning of a life-long affair, New York. You’re stuck with me from now until forever.

Run far, eat well, drink better.

xo Mol


About Molly Tavoletti

Stay hungry, stay foolish I NY, NY


3 thoughts on “A New York Homecoming: Bagels + BBQ + Runs + All the Ice Cream

    • It’s a lot of pressure to Post back from a “wiggly writing wimp” of an Auntie such as myself. But I just gotta comment how much I do enjoy reading your articles- well as often as I am able to- I look forward to pressing into your articulate imaginative brilliant thinker with my morning cup of espresso! Please keep them coming- what an inspiration they have been to me😛. Btw- will you be loafing around on the 4th of July at Uncle Bobby’s?

      Posted by Bonnie Moore | May 31, 2015, 7:46 AM
      • Aw thank you so much Aunt Bonnie! I’m glad you enjoy keeping up with my adventures. Unfortunately I won’t be coming home for the fourth so I won’t be there 😦

        Posted by Molly Tavoletti | May 31, 2015, 10:32 AM

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