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a Columbus farewell: all the food + all the miles

It’s not you, Columbus. It’s me.

I guess you could say I have a fear of commitment. A year of college in North Carolina, a year of adventure in New York—back and forth between figuring out who I am and who I want to be. But in between the moves I found Ohio State. I found Columbus. I found some of the greatest friends I’ve ever known. I found Buckeye Donuts. 

My relationship with Columbus has been the longest I’ve had in a while, not to mention one of the most incredible. But as a twenty something college graduate, it’s no surprise that after three years I’m itching to see what else is out there. And after a tearful Carmen Ohio, I officially ended my relationship with Columbus today.

But as it is with the ending of any relationship, I couldn’t resist thinking about the beginning—the laughs I’ve shared, the growing up I’ve done, and of course, the miles I’ve ran and the food I’ve eaten.

And naturally I couldn’t say goodbye to this wonderful town without revisiting my favorites in perhaps the greatest three weeks of eating, drinking and running to date.


As far as the food goes, I’m gonna let the photos do the talking here. And if you’re ever in Columbus, these are my hand picked favorites. So stop in, say hello and left overs to New York.

Bakersfield, Tacos + Tequila + Spicy Margarita

IMG_4981 IMG_4995 11049598_10153519430318455_124512437266834990_n-1 IMG_5010 IMG_4989 (1)IMG_4951 (1)IMG_4978

Katalina’s, Sunrise Sammy


Northstar, Village Salad + Dark Choc Cookie

IMG_4937 IMG_4938 IMG_4939

Buckeye Donuts, Donuts + Bacon Egg Cheese Croissant

11245487_10153522058008455_8793718413712225451_n 1901281_10153506307698455_7000063024288738805_n 11218217_10153524162258455_6912934059943125565_n

Hot Chicken Takeover


Mission Coffee Co.



Over the past few weeks the weather has finally been wonderful enough to take my runs outside. Which has also given me a lot of time to explore Columbus and Ohio State for the last time.

I’ve had a few distance runs, one quick pre-graduation lap around campus, and a couple in between, each giving me time to think about the amazing memories I’ve made here. But the morning I was set to board the plane I squeezed in one last gorgeous run, a final moment with Columbus before I turned the page to a new chapter. 

IMG_2950 IMG_9818IMG_2955

Lengend has it that on Ohio State’s Oval if you’re with the person you love and can walk the length of it without anyone crossing your path you’ll make it forever. Well on this run, I was a alone, but I decided to run straight down that path. And not a single person crossed me.

I’m not entirely sure what the myth says about that, but I couldn’t help but smile at the assured feeling within me. I’m gonna be just fine. Full of donuts and fine.

Every relationship teaches you something. Whether it’s your first love, a quick fling, or that one that just never called you back, you take away a little something–a little more wisdom about yourself, what you want, and who you want to be. 

And though I’m closing the door on Columbus, rest assured every Buckeye Donut, every Short North run, every incredible person and experience led me to the door I’m opening now.

10421105_10153058190073455_5915701266155588879_n 10629559_10152872709678455_306769757310540756_n 10353696_10153151313512586_3813281906850065225_n 10471100_10153519829293455_2637216658491687360_n IMG_2949-1

I’m terrified. But in the best way.

Stay so cool Columbus. Forever a Buckeye.

Run far, eat well, drink better,

xo Mol


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