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Getting Plated: chicken larb cabbage cups + beef and pork ragout over pappardelle

In my short 22 years on this planet, I’ve come to believe in three things more than anything.

  1. Hard work and efficiency.
  2. The power of words.
  3. Sunday brunch.

And to be honest with you, thus far maintaining those has proven rather successful for me. On any given day, I have miles to run, food to photograph and devour, and all the little amazing adventures in between to fill a fleeting 24 hours. And so making the most of every second is crucial (mostly so I have more time to eat later).

On one hand I am a hardcore foodie—perpetually seeking new foods to eat and create. And on the other, I am a nearly impoverished college kid, which occasionally inhibits that endeavor.

But a few weeks ago an incredible company called Plated appealed to my desire for efficiency  (and my wallet) with a mission to bring chef quality recipes straight from their kitchen to my front door. And let me be the first to say, from start to finish the experience brought joy to both my heart and stomach.

Each week Plated offers a new menu of carefully crafted dishes, so I logged on and began sifting through the delicious options, each one provoking audible gasps and wide eyes more than the previous. And after MUCH deliberation, I went with Chicken Larb Cabbage Cups with Sriracha, Lime and Green Beans AND Beef and Pork Ragout over Pappardelle.

IMG_1646 IMG_2100

That was Monday. And on Wednesday, I returned home to perhaps the most wonderful package I’ve received to date.

IMG_1606 IMG_1607

The box comes refrigerated and can actually sit on your porch for up to 24 hours and still be fresh when you open it. Now you better believe I was not waiting even one hour to open mine though.

I put on a little cooking music and suddenly transported to my personal cooking heaven. I’ll allow to come with me as I relieve the experience through these photos, wishing I could eat them all over again.

IMG_1627 IMG_1619 IMG_1629 IMG_2130 IMG_2084 IMG_2140

For me, the best part of Plated is the spices. Like I said, I’m a broke college kid. I’ll be all set to try out a new recipe and suddenly realize I need some obscure spice that seems to only come in a giant bottle for $8.99. And I think to myself, I am never ever going to use 10 oz. coconut curry powder ever again. The damn spices! Every time.

BUT Plated saves the day on this one. Each ingredient is perfectly portioned out (including the spices), so there’s virtually no measuring.

IMG_1611IMG_1616 IMG_1626

The high-quality ingredients came together flawlessly. And though I am experienced in the kitchen, Plated could not make creating these dishes any easier, so whether you’re Bobby Flay or still microwave your ramen, you’ll figure it out.

IMG_1645 IMG_2093 IMG_2127

My final verdict on Plated is absolutely positive. In my opinion, the experience would best make a great date night activity. At $25 for two servings, it’s cheaper than any New York restaurant, not to mention a it’s pretty cool experience in itself.

So I didn’t have a date, but my roommate and I sang Wicked at the table with our cabbage cups. TBH? Probably better than a date.

Now if you excuse me, I’m going to return to this weeks menu and try not to salivate on my keyboard.

Run Far, Eat Well, Drink Better.

xo Mol


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