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weekend math: 25 miles + 25 beers + 3 pizzas

As a typically good-hearted young human, I don’t like to think I hate many things. Yes, I don’t necessarily like winter and having to use phrases like “oh good it’s above 10 degrees today.” Or thanks to a certain jello-shot incident, I don’t exactly view those small gelatin cups favorably.

But the one thing in this world I am willing to use that word for? Numbers. I hate numbers.

As a writer, it’s no surprise I have an affinity for words. Words make sense to me. Numbers do not.

But this week, I attempted to understand my fear a little and measure my life in numbers. And to be honest? If liking numbers means eating three pizzas? Count me in.


With the weather nothing less than arctic, running outside is sometimes out of the question for this girl. So I did a few days of treadmill intervals, but also broke a sweat outside of running with a killer cycling sesh.

But of course, first a lovely power breakfast: whole grain english muffin + lemon juice + smashed avocado + poached egg  + green onion + cracked pepper + red pepper flakes. And naturally some fresh ground coffee from my favorite guys at Mission.

IMG_0106IMG_9465 Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


minutes                                            resistance                                                   position

0-5                                                         easy/flat                                                       seated warm-up

5-9                                                         moderate                                                     seated sprint

9-13                                                       moderate/heavy                                      standing climb

13-15                                                      moderate                                                    seated (active rest)

15-19                                                      moderate                                                   seated sprint

19-23                                                     moderate/heavy                                     standing climb

23-25                                                     moderate                                                    seated active rest)

25-29                                                     heavy                                                             seated climb

29-30                                                     moderate                                                    seated active rest

31-33                                                       moderate                                                    seated sprint

33-35                                                       easy/flat                                                      seated cool down

Make sure you end with a few leg stretches on and off the bike. Your body will be screaming for recovery and believe me, when you try and get out of bed the next day, you’ll thank me for the stretches. It’s a good kinda sore, right?


So with over 12 miles the bike, along with a few more on the treadmill, I raked in 25 miles this week. A number which directly lead me to my Saturday night.


I’ve expressed many a time my love for  good wine. Reds, whites, sparkling or dessert, there’s just something about an amazing glass of vino that sends my heart over the moon.

But every now and again, the frat boy within me speaks up, asking to fulfill a sudden craving for a cold, refreshing beer on a perfectly paralleled chilly January evening.

And this weekend, that craving coincided perfectly with the Mecca of all beer events — the Columbus Winter Beerfest.

15 - 1IMG_0218 IMG_0148

Two hours and three soft pretzels later, I more than satisfied my beer craving. Sampling from over 100 near and far breweries, my favorite stood as the Rise + Grind coffee stout from No-Li brewhouse (minimal surprises there). But seriously, unreal delicious.

It’s also no surprise that Sunday reigns as my most cherished day. My personal heaven, in fact. But this Sunday brought an even higher level of delight with the most anticipated sports event of the year, but more importantly, the amazing food to accompany it.

We decided to enjoy the game (and the commercials and halftime show) at home, so I whipped up three homemade pizzas comparable to the greatness of the dancing shark on the left.

A classic tomato + basil, a Mediterranean hummus + veggie, and a chicken pesto + spinach:

IMG_9578 IMG_9571 IMG_9583 IMG_9569 IMG_9564

Got a pizza my heart.

So maybe I hate numbers…but even I will admit, if numbers means 25 miles, 25 beers and 3 pizzas? That’s the kinda math I’m down to do.

Happy Monday, kids.

Run far, eat well, drink better.

xo Mol


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One thought on “weekend math: 25 miles + 25 beers + 3 pizzas

  1. When I grow up, I want to eat like you do…

    Posted by Nathan Okuley (@ndokuley) | February 3, 2015, 9:08 AM

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