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a new york november: gym hopping + gourmet treats + genuine heroes

They say if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.

Well I don’t who “they” are, but I do know one thing–they must not work in news. Because in this business, we work every second of every day.

We work to the near brink of physical, mental and emotional exhaustion. We handle any and every curve ball–juggling the inevitably unexpected with the ever crazy.  We work wacky hours and eventually develop a higher body concentration of espresso than blood.

And working at CNN for the past ten months, I have never worked harder, but rest assured every single drop of coffee, sweat and tears is beyond justified each and every time the elevator transports me to that incredible fast-paced world.

IMG_525814 - 614 - 7

Nearly a year ago I emerged the Columbus Circle subway station, and not even the frigid winter wind could numb the culminating feelings of excitement and anticipation. I knew from that precise moment that Time Warner center opened before me that I was exactly where I belonged.

And if I wasn’t entirely sure then, after perhaps the most simultaneously wonderfully exhausting and rewarding 72 hours, there is now nothing I believe more. It was a whirlwind week–filled with amazing food + countless miles (in+out of the gym) + the honor of time spent with some extraordinary heroes.


Well in addition to the seemingly thousands of miles I ran throughout the work days, I managed to squeeze in a few gym sweat sessions as well.

Swindling my way into just about every New York gym via one-day free trials and I sweat it out with this quick but killer treadmill workout + an ab workout I’m still feeling with my favorite guy.

MILES                        SPEED

0-.5                                       6.5

.5-1                                       6.7

1-1.5                                    6.9

1.5-2                                    7.1

2-2.5                                     7.5

2.5-3                                      7.8

3-3.5                                       8.0

3.5-4                                       7.5

4-4.5                                        7.0

4.5-4.9                                     6.8

                   4.9-5                    AS FAST AS YOU CAN

Sweat it out, kids. And congratulate yourself. Because this proved exceedingly even more difficult than managing to workout for free for week in New York City.

Never did I enjoy laying down more.

14 - 10


With a schedule allowing barely enough time to stop and breathe, planned meals went out the window this week. But you better believe I still found time to enjoy a few (okay, a lot) of incredible eats along the way.

As the calm before the crazy, a lovely early morning slice of heaven in Soho–Two Hands.

IMG_5107 IMG_5119

Like riding a bike in this adorable cafe, familiar and comfortable washed over me. And just like that, I was home. Not to mention, this granola bowl was the only giant welcome hug I needed.


From there, most of my eats were grab and go. Specifically grab and run. But sacrificing time does absolutely not require sacrificing deliciousness, so rest assured every hustled bite was appreciated in a New York minute.

dolce de leche croissant from Don Churro at the Bryant Park Winter Village


shake burger from Shake Shack


macarons from Bouchon Bakery

14 - 4

And after a cancelled connecting flight, you better believe I wasn’t going to waste an extra eight hours just sitting at the Washington DC airport.

So I indulged some adventure, hopped on the metro, and emerged in the nation’s capital. And you better believe I knew exactly where I was going. One of my FAVORITE DC food instagrammers always features a quaint Georgetown cafe, Baked and Wired — particularly the cupcakes — the razmanian devil.

14 - 214 - 1 14 - 3

Gotta hand it to you, DC, every bite is worth every bit of hype.

I cannot begin to explain the gifts CNN has given me–the gifts it taught me about not only the world but also about myself. And after this indescribable 72 hour blur and a final cup of my favorite Time Warner Cafe oatmeal, I boarded the elevator once again, saying my hopeful “see you soon” to this incredible company and my beloved city.

14 - 1(1)Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset

Because luck isn’t being in the right place at the right time, it’s knowing that you are.

Here’s to this any every adventure to come in the greatest city on earth.

Until we meet + eat again, New York.

Run far, eat well, drink better.

xo Mol


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