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a new york october: food + wine + fall fests

In nearly 22 years my father has taught me the majority of the things I know. The majority of things that have culminated to make me not only who I am today, but who I want to become.

Most importantly?

Work hard.
Take risks.
Never eat spaghetti from a can.

But besides all of that, one important Dad lesson has forever stuck with me.

“Luck is where preparation meets opportunity. You make your own damn luck. And give em hell, kid.”

People ask me a lot, “Oh how did you get that? How did you get to do that? You’re so lucky.” And despite how it may seem, no one sees the world entirely through rose colored glass, including me.

There have been inevitable bumps in the road, but I even find myself in disbelief when I really take a step back and see how much I’ve done. How much I’ve learned + seen + experienced.

And this weekend was one of those times.

On Wednesday, I bought a plane ticket. On Friday I touched down in my beloved New York City. Right where I left her.

I was (as always) prepared to eat + drink + run + love every second of the 48 hours I had and the New York Wine and Food Fest + Smorgasburg + Long Island Winery were the perfect opportunity.

And well Dad, if that’s not luck, I don’t know what is.


You know the story by now. Go to New York, eat all the food. And this weekend was no exception. Beginning with the Brooklyn foodie mothership, Smorgasburg.

Let me prequel this for you. Generally I don’t eat a lot of meat, I’m kind of a veggie bunny by trade, but this trip to Williamsburg included more meat in a two hour span than most humans consume in a month.

Paleo is an understatement. I’ll let the photos speak for the primal + unbelievable deliciousness.

the ramen burger:


lamb burger + maple bacon from Landhaus:



cranberry beef short rib + maple pumpkin glazed pork belly




banana bread + apple crisp butter cakes from gooey & co:


Several moments during this foodscapade I was naturally unable to make a decision between two or more incredible eats. And it was during those tough times that Chris turned to the seller with the most romantic words ever said by a boyfriend, “we’ll take one of everything.”

Some girls prefers two bouquets of long stemmed roses. I prefer every kind of delicious + braised + glazed rib under the Brooklyn sun.

And that’s love.


Well I sweat out a lot of meat. That’s for sure.

And if you can’t run far, might as well right fast, right? So we did a very quick 2 mile night run around the neighborhood to help ease the carnivore coma.


And the next morning began with my usual 3.5 mile interval treadmill set + this quick but killer kettlebell set:

:30 swings
:30 through the leg passes
50 squats
50 alt lunges

Repeat 3x


With the New York Wine + Food Festival taking place, savoring a glass (or three) was an inevitable happening.

So we took a trip out to Long Island wine country in St.James, NY and took a wonderfully vino filled flight at Whisper Vineyards on a perfect fall Sunday.




I tried my hand at the 2008 Chardonnay + Red Cape Blend + Merlot. And I have to admit, a glass in each hand + my favorite person across from me in this beautiful vineyard…forget about it. Perfect in every regard.






And after a wonderful ramen + bacon filled, bundled with butter cakes + wine flights and all wrapped up in a beautiful autumn bow kind of weekend, I could not be happier if I tried.

Despite any further preparation or opportunity, this is the luckiest I could ever be.

Now if you’ll excuse me I have a few precious hours to spend with a cup of hot cider and my favorite guy…Tim Riggins.



Oh Chris is here too. Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.

Stay lucky, kids. Happy Sunday.

Run far, eat well, drink better,
xo Mol


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