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stairclimbing + study breaks + sweet potato fries

It’s said that time is a created thing.

Something we can spend, waste, or save. Something we can race against, or even kill. But regardless what we do with it, time remains the single most perpetual constant that exists.

Now, I entirely grasp the idea that no matter the circumstance, seconds + minutes + hours represent a most fundamental unchanged amount of time. However, I’m not buying it.

I refuse to believe that if I spend an hour either on things I love (like Chris…or ice cream…or both) or with things I don’t love (like calculus equations or airport security) that I am using an identical 60 minutes of time — because to me this contrast seems more like comparing a split second to an eternity. Especially with the ice cream…I swear it goes from full cone to nothing in a second flat.

Well, fortunately I’ve realized I don’t need to understand the complex paradoxes of time in order to make the most of it. So this week, despite a hectic schedule leading up to midterms, I still managed to optimize my minutes with some quick but killer workouts and some fun + delicious kitchen experiments.


When midterms and term papers start piling up on the pages of my planner, I am forever tempted to forgo my usual workouts for an Insomnia delivery to the library. But, after four years of college, I’ve learned that taking just 30 minutes to sweat actually helps me stay focused + motivated when I’m hitting the books.

And so this week I decided to try out a few KILLER high intensity workouts that are designed to give you maximum results in minimum time. FIrst, the stairclimber sweat sesh:

warm up:

  • 2 minutes @ level 5-7


  • 2 minutes @ level 10
  • 2 minutes @ level 12
  • 2 minutes @ level 15


  • 1 min @ 12
  • 30 sec @ 15
  • 15 sec @ 18
  • 15 sec @ 20

cool down:

  • 2 minutes @ level 5-7

I kid you not, I did this quick but intense workout in between classes. Yep, I was that smelly kid. But despite my time crunch, I felt as though I completed an hour long session at the gym — in less than 25 minutes. That’s ideal if you ask me.


Then later, during some late night reading, I took breaks every 10 pages to complete this:

  • 20 sumo squats
  • 20 alt. lunges
  • 20 tricep dips
  • 1 minute plank

You know you’re sick of reading when you’d rather do planks than analyze Socrates, but hey, whatever works right?


Despite my astounding love for carrots + ice cream + bison burgers, it may surprise you to know that if pressed to choose one food to consume everyday for eternity, I would chose sweet potatoes.

They’re just so versatile + healthy — not to mention, damn delicious.

And this week at the grocery store, the selection consisted of abnormally large potatoes. And by abnormally large, I mean could kill a person if you threw it hard enough, large.

So when I needed a break from Socrates yet again, I decided to make a mountain out of a sweet potato hill by creating a few unbelievable batches of sweet potato fries — cinnamon sugar + spicy lime cilantro + classic sea salt and pepper.



  • large sweet potato
  • olive oil
  • cinnamon
  • sugar
  • lime
  • cilantro
  • parm cheese
  • black pepper
  • sea salt
  • cayenne pepper



  1. Cut your sweet potato length wise + then again into smaller thin strips
  2. Rinse in cold water + dry + throw on a sheet with olive oil
  3. Bake at 400 for 35-40 minutes
  4. For cinnamon + sugar: toss with cinnamon + sugar + spice + everything nice. For spicy lime + cilantro: toss with lime juice + cayenne + cilantro. For classic: toss with sea salt + pepper
  5. NOM

This delicious sweet potato trifecta was the perfect + delicious distraction I needed.

You say potato? I say fries. And a lot of them.

IMG_0633 IMG_0622IMG_0560

I think these week serves as the purest proof that time you enjoyed wasting was not wasted. Whether it’s a quick sweat sesh between classes or taking an hour to create in the kitchen, the only rule of time is that you make the most of it.

And eat a lot of fries.

Happy Thursday, kids.

Run far, eat well, drink better.

xo Mol




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