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running for…beer + buckeyes

Happiness drinks and eats well with others.

Classes started nearly three weeks ago, but that right there is the most important lesson I’ve learned so far.

When delicious food meets endless flowing beer, the result absolutely will not be terrible. In fact, this combination lives alone as quite wonderful — as proven by the many times I’ve thoroughly enjoyed a solo meal or drink.

But the secret ingredient to elevating this delightful equation? Good company.

More specifically, great company.

And this weekend I logged some record miles + traded my vino (hold your gasps) for classic brews + game day eats. All the while laughing + loving the friends I shared it with.


With summer heat giving way to autumn breeze, my weekend began with a gorgeous five miles into downtown Columbus.

14 - 3 14 - 3(1)

While the running map is not exactly a creative masterpiece, I am a huge fan of out and back runs. It is the best way I hold myself accountable — once you go half way in one direction, you must get home somehow.

Then, Saturday I decided to forgo distance for speed and set out to run 3.1 as fast as I could. And while for many this pace is hardly record breaking, with my short legs + stride I was more than happy with the results.

14 - 1 14 - 2 (2)



While I am a wine lover through and through, occasionally the college kid within me speaks up and a desire for a classic + tall beer arises. And this weekend, that desire was absolutely satisfied.

Columbus houses some of the greatest breweries around and my weekend kicked off with a visit to the North Market’s Ohio Craft Brew Fest — 3 hours + $25 + 10 beer tickets. Let’s just say that’s the kind of college math I want to be doing.

IMG_9593 IMG_9629

Each ticket grants you one hearty sample so we strategically navigated the beer wonderland in search of our favorites. Hands down the most unique brew I tasted was the Coffee Brown from Mt. Carmel Brewing Co. But the favorite was the Raspberry Ale from Thirsty Dog.

Throw in an everything pretzel and forget about it. Perfection in all senses. Do I make myself beer?

14 - 1

Fall + Saturdays can only mean one thing — gameday. And maybe it’s our age old seniority or maybe our craving for homemade tailgate eats, but we opted to cozy up and enjoy the game from the comfort of the couch.

My good friend Derron even gave the Cucina Di Molly a run for its money with some homemade turkey chili + loaded beef + veggie nachos. And of course some of my homemade guac to finish it all off.

Nacho average Saturday.

IMG_9669 IMG_9655 IMG_9636

Then, as if I didn’t get my beer fix on Friday, an impromptu trip to the AMAZING Seventh Son Brewing Co. brought this brew filled weekend to a whole other level.

I went with the Prime Swarm Saison — brewed with Tulip Poplar and Wildflower Honey


This local brewery combines unique craft beer + a modern atmosphere into any beer lover’s paradise. Not to mention, they partner with local food trucks to bring fresh + delicious eats to the table as well.

And despite my guac-filled afternoon, I could not pass up the opportunity to try the veggie guac tacos from Dos Hermanos. To die for.

IMG_9696 IMG_9676 IMG_9695

I have officially consumed more beer this weekend than in my entire life (worst college kid ever, I know) — but I’m walking away full of delicious ale + not one regret.

IMG_9707 14 - 2 IMG_9708

All and all this weekend was the perfect welcome home. Although I moved back nearly three weeks ago, the last few days finally allowed me to settle in and appreciate all the incredible people + places this city has to offer.

Whether we come together over a few beers, a heaping plate of nachos, or a Buckeye afternoon, all that matters is that we do.

But the nachos definitely don’t hurt.

Happy Sunday, kids.

Run far, eat well, drink better.

xo Mol



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