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new york nostalgia: early workouts + eats + an endless affair

New York City. The Big Apple. The pinnacle center of the universe. And more importantly, a dirty, cold hearted tramp.

That’s right, a tramp.

This beautiful, loving city gave me anything and everything I could dream of, but without hesitation, or a even thought of the intimate moments we’ve shared, she’s capable of a clean break — no questions asked.

I left this city two weeks ago. And after all we’ve been through, she didn’t call. Not once.

She is cold and emotionally detached, yet irresistibly alluring. And I am unafraid to admit I am shamelessly under the her spell — blissfully bewitched.

Like any independent woman, though, I tried my damnedest to move on. But the neediness grew, and after twelve long days on my own, I ran unapologetically back to my beloved New York.

This weekend, I returned to my home sweet Manhattan for four wonderful days of morning runs + some quality time with my favorite guy + (obv) some amazing eats along the way.


Landing at LaGuiardia airport, I couldn’t resist tears at the sound of “welcome home.” It was truly a giant New York hug embracing me.

And the next day, we woke to a beautiful morning, almost insisting we forgo the car and run to the gym for a morning sweat sesh.
I began with my usual HIIT 5K, with 3 extra minutes of sprints.

Then as usual, my athlete boyfriend reached into his workout arsenal and pulled a killer total body set I am still feeling today.

6 x 12 x 3: six moves + twelve reps + three sets
eight lb med ball:
tricep raises
weighted squats
russian twists
toe touches
five lb. plates:
chest flys
front raises

This was the perfectly challenging workout I needed to fuel me through ALL of the food I was planning on consuming during the weekend and then some.

WHAT I ATE (all of it):

So you know when you desperately crawl back to an ex and spill your heart out? Withholding not one tiny detail?

Well that’s kinda what happened here. But instead of feelings, food.

I unapologetically refused to repress any and all desires to eat. And here’s what happened:

For any Greek yogurt lover, this tiny Soho shop is the mother ship. They have savory creations like avocado + mango, or endless traditionally sweet combinations.

I went with the blueberry power bowl. Complete with blueberries, pumpkin + chia seeds, coconut flakes and a light honey agave.

They’re cultured and they know it.

Naturally a trip to the Big Apple wouldn’t be complete without a Saturday brunch. And even Long Island knows how to bring the delicious to this ever sacred meal, especially Amytiville’s ever charming Park Avenue Grill.


Just rolling with the brunches.

So by the time Sunday arrived, you’d think I’d be full. You’d also think no hot dog would be worth facing an unexpected Brooklyn monsoon + flood warning.

But you’d be wrong. Dead wrong.

And why?


These Brooklyn favorites are hardly your traditional franks.

Particularly the tsunami dog was the all-American home run here.
Bacon-wrapped + teriyaki + pineapple + green onions.
Frankly, outta this world.

And of course the weekend wouldn’t be complete without a little something sweet.

Or a lotta something sweet.


If faced with the choice to roam this world of food alone, I would gladly do so — independently seeking the most savory of meals and the logging the miles to earn them.

However, I’ve grown to realize if you’re lucky enough to find someone who’s perpetual never ending search for amazing food aligns with yours, hold on tight. Never let go. And call it love.


As with any one [or four] night stand with an ex, I knew the fantasy couldn’t last. And the healthy choice would be a clean break, chalk up what we’ve had together as simply that, and walk away.

But as the wings lift from the jetway, and I longingly gaze back at my city, I can’t resist the emotions. I’m sorry New York, but what we have is real.

No matter what you say, it’s not emotionless fling. It’s a genuine + long term commitment. Sorry, you’re stuck with me.

I am now, and forever will be, a New Yorker. That’s it.

Happy Weekend, kids.

Run far, eat well drink better.
Xo Mol


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