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a new york finale: my last 12 hours (for now)

“Once you’ve lived [sweat + ate] in New York and made it your home, no place else is good enough.”

Well sir, with my modification, I’d have to agree.

The past eight months exist now as a mere blur.. A wonderful, indescribable blur.

On a cold January day so many days ago, I never dreamed of where I’d be now. Living through my dream job, running 200 miles in Central Park, falling hard for someone and for this city. All the while consuming enough food + wine to last a lifetime.

IMG_2464 IMG_2168 IMG_1706

And although I’ll be back for good in no time, on this, my final day in the greatest city on earth, I knew it was my New Yorker obligation to make the most of it.

So in 12 short hours I managed to carpe the hell out of this diem, remembering every past moment with the reassuring hope it is only the beginning.



With the inevitably delectable food agenda planned, I started my day with a killer 5 mile + 50 min + 500 calorie scorching treadmill workout:

1-5 min: 6.5 mph @ 3%
5-10 min: 6.7 mph @ 3%
10-15 min: 7.0 mph @ 2%
15-20 min: 6.0 mph @ 5%
20-25 min: 6.5 mph @ 3%
25-30 min: 7.0 mph @ 2%
30-35 min: 6.0 mph @ 5%
35-40 min: 6.5 mph @ 3%
40-44 min: 6.5 mph @ 2%
44-45 min: 4.0 mph @ 2%

5 miles on a treadmill can definitely be difficult, but the key here is intervals. When you’re constantly changing incline + speed, you’re not only challenging your body to adapt, but the minutes + miles fly by.

I will not lie, this is not easy. But if you dig deep enough, and find the proper motivation, you’ll complete it no problem. My motivation? All the food + drinks to come.


If you are a loyal snapchat follower, you’ve seen many a disappearing photo of the love of my life.

No, not Chris. Oatmeal. (Sorry bae, you had to find out sooner or later)

And even though I make an unreal homemade bowl, there’s a place in the village that blows my oats way out of the steaming water. Oatmeals.

IMG_2781 IMG_2786 IMG_2785

With either a premade bowl or build your own, this sweet + savory morning joint offers thousands on thousands of incredible oatfilled combinations.

After MUCH deliberation, I went with blueberries + apples + flax seed + toasted coconut + cinnamon.

IMG_2810 IMG_2809 IMG_2807

Go big or go home, right? Oat of this world.



I am not lying when I say that I have been thinking + dreaming + talking about this next treat for the past month.

Meticulously stalking people on Instagram who have visited, scrutinizing the menu to make the most informed decision, but mostly just drolling over all the photos.

Until today. When I finally took the plunge and Emack + Bolios fulfilled my every ice cream wish with this:

IMG_3403 IMG_3453

I went with a scoop of raspberry dark chocochip + a scoop of s’moreo [UNREAL] all piled into a fruity pebble crispie covered cone + topped with gummy bears.

Molly’s last day in New York. And first day with sugar induced diabetes.

All and all, this cone cost me $10. But BELIEVE me I would probably pay $100 for another one. Right now. Please.

IMG_3450 IMG_3424 IMG_3399 IMG_3407 IMG_3449


As I watched the sun begin to set on this wonderful day I knew I only had one thing left on my agenda.


A few weeks ago, my boyfriend and I spent perhaps my favorite Sunday walking across the Brooklyn bridge. And while we walked, I saw hundreds of locks hooked securely along the way.

With a closer look, each lock was dedicated to two people. Two people in love.

IMG_3458 IMG_3457

At the time, I was upset I didn’t have a lock with me to do the same, so I knew on my last day I had to return.

I took my time on the mile walk across the East river. Remembering the thousands of times we’ve laughed, and mostly the times we’ve eaten. Seriously, I could make a book of the photos I have of him from across the table.

But now, hate to break it to you babe, but you’re stuck with me.


And if the past six months are anything compared to what’s ahead, count me in. Forever your useless ride or die chick.

So after making my way to Brooklyn. we settled in for dinner at my favorite Bushwick pizza place, Union Pizza Works.

IMG_3489 IMG_3498 IMG_3502

Some of the BEST pies I’ve ever had. Not to mention an adorable atmosphere + glass of cabernet to put the perfect end to my day.

IMG_3512 IMG_3529 IMG_3533 IMG_3519

The perfect end…until Chris surprised me with a little trip to the best views of Manhattan so I could say a proper “see ya later” to my beloved city.


Oh…and this also happened…




How could I say no?

Saying goodbye to this city was an emotional rollercoaster. In the past eight months it’s gifted me more beyond price than I could ever be thankful. It’s given me a place to call home and a wonderful taste of the life I now know I’m meant to have. It’s given me a place where I belong.

I wouldn’t say this city changed me. It merely brought to light a person I didn’t know I could be.

It guided me to discover who I am. Who I want to be. And most importantly to never be afraid of that — to never be afraid of anything. Because if something doesn’t positively terrify you, it’s absolutely not worth it.

Every single day was an adventure. The miles, the meals and the merlot were merely the icing on top.

IMG_2707 IMG_0456 IMG_1246

I found my passion.

I found myself.

I fell in love.

And the best part? This is only the prologue.

So stay tuned, kids. I can assure you the rest will be a page turner neither of us will want to put down.


Until we meet again, New York.

Run far, eat well, drink better.

Xo Mol.



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