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poached eggs + peaches + 200 miles

This is gonna be out there, but run with me for a minute.

Life is a lot like…a poached egg.

Sometimes, everything goes according to plan — perfect + lovely, all wrapped in a neat little package. But other times, things get a little messy, and if you allow all the goodness to spill out, you get a thrillingly unexpected + beautiful mess. Not to mention something damn delicious.

So this week I unhinged the perfectly planned with a messy homemade breakfast + a trip to New Jersey + a run for the record books.


I had a little extra time for breakfast so I decided to have a little fun. And in total honestly, I definitely enjoyed making + photographing + eating this WAY more than a girl alone in her apartment should. But hey, whatever keeps ya smiling, right?

I started my morning with this beautiful + tasty life metaphor and it both literally + figuratively fulfilled my every need. I give you the poached egg + avocado + spinach sandwich.

IMG_2005 IMG_1992


  • two whole eggs
  • whole wheat toast
  • spinach
  • avocado
  • lemon
  • tea cup + saucer [for quick poaching]



  1. Fill mug with 1/2 cup water
  2. Carefully crack egg into mug
  3. Place saucer on top of mug and microwave for 45-60 sec
  4. Remove mug + set aside
  5. Slice avocado + season well with pepper
  6. Sprinkle lemon juice onto toast + top with spinach +avocado
  7. Carefully remove egg from mug and place on top
  8. Cut open egg
  10. Nom

VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED: hardcore yolk porn coming your way.

IMG_2000IMG_1991 IMG_2009

Not yolking around.


I’ve previously confessed my addiction to veggies. And while I’m partial, I’m far from discriminatory and also have a very special place in my heart for fresh + juicy fruit. So when work took me to a beautiful farm in New Jersey, I couldn’t return to Manhattan without some straight-from-the-tree summer peaches.

And to be honest, these pictures are just way to beautiful not to share.

IMG_2274 IMG_2177 IMG_2285 IMG_2151

And when we were offered some sweet corn on the cob, how could I say no? [still a veg addict and all…] A farmer quite literally pulled an ear from the stalk, peeled it back + said “here” — who knew you could even do that…but let me tell you, it was DELICIOUS.


Apparently when corn is picked, the natural sugars slowly turn to starch — a process which happens by the time it arrives at the store. So this WONDERFUL sweetness I experienced only happens occurs straight from the stalk.

I mean, if you want to want to munch on raw corn in the FoodLand produce section, by all means, you do you — BUT if you’re at a local farm I DEFINITELY recommend trying this out.

It’s so hard to believe that I only had to venture an hour from the urban Manhattan jungle to find this lovely farm, but I am so happy I did.

Feelin peachy 🙂


Inspiration almost always hits me while I’m running.

In fact, more often than not, my vision for these blogs comes to fruition through each head-clearing mile [like this week, when I spent roughly 1.5 miles contemplating how exactly life is like a poached egg…]

And because running has given me so many rewards [both physical + mental] I like to make my miles meaningful by dedicating each run to something or someone. So that in those moments that I feel like quitting and walking to Pink Berry instead, I am reminded of why I chose to start in the first place. And more importantly, why I should finish.

Nearly 8 months ago, when I moved to New York [a city so many runners would kill to explore], I made one special dedication — to myself. I vowed to dedicate 200 miles of running. 200 miles of just me + my Nikes + the most beautiful city in the world.

Fotor0807193518 14 - 1

And on my weekly Central Park run, thinking about the how far I’ve come in the past 8 months [and how I can relate that to poached eggs…] I finally completed my goal.

200.8 gorgeous New York City miles in the books. And I couldn’t be happier. Here’s to a million more, New York.

Moral of this story? Thanks for following along on this poached egg:life allegory.

Because whether it’s a gushing yolk, a juicy peach, or 200 miles in a beautiful place, life really is better a little bit messy.

Run far, eat well, drink better.

xo Mol






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