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soulcycle + salmon + s’mores

You know the saying, “just like riding a bike” — meaning once you’ve done it + mastered it, you never forget?

Well through food + fitness journey, I’ve found there are some classics you always remember, and then there are new and exciting adventures worth stepping outside the customary motions for.

This weekend, I crafted a few delish culinary classics. And ironically, I challenged the “like riding a bike” idiom with some out of the box KILLER spinning at SoulCycle.


After years of resisting the idea, I developed my love for cycling in college.  Part of me thought it was dumb to ride a bike for an hour and not go anywhere, but a bigger part was actually just terrified. Have you seen the girls who cycle regularly? I’ll admit it, I was intimidated to the max.

But just one sweaty leap and an AWESOME class at Ohio State, and I was hooked. It was one of those “hate yourself during and love yourself after” kind of workouts. Instantly obsessed.

After moving to New York, though, I unintentionally ceased my cycling habits. Until I found SoulCycle.

Maybe you’re thinking you’re an cycling guru, and you’ve seen + riden it all, but let me tell you, until you’ve stepped foot into a SoulCycle studio, your repertoire is incomplete. This studio has revolutionized this fit trend and I have the sweat + sorest of legs to prove it.

The classes are like nothing I’ve taken before (and because they don’t allow pictures beyond the lobby, you’re just gonna have to trust my description here)

The tranquil + nearly dark, candle lit studio combined with the high energy sweat sesh playlist, creates a culminating perfect atmosphere. Add the unbelievable vibes from the instructors and forget about it.
What makes these classes principally unique is their ability to incorporate strength training on the bike. Let me repeat. Weight lifting WHILE YOU’RE ON THE BIKE. As if my heart wasn’t pumping hard enough, right?

During one short hour, I rode 18 miles — completing push-ups on the handle bars and bicep + tricep work with hand weights along the way. KILLER. The monitor says it all.

14 - 1
And while a single session is expensive at $34 a pop, I’m gonna be the first to say that I’ll forgo a new pair of shoes one month for one of these classes. And if that doesn’t explain the worthiness, I’m not sure what will.

I rewarded myself with some [obv.] carrot + orange juice from Liquiteria and made my way home. Sweaty + satisfied.

Next on my list? Make it to a 5am class. Updates on that soon..ha. But until then, thanks for the memories SoulCycle. May the resistance + sprints be ever in your favor.


Legs still quivering, I made my way to the kitchen. While I’ve been eating my way through my NYC Foodie Bucket List (see here + here + here), after such an amazing workout, I decided to ride the health kick and make a clean + satisfying dinner.

And after stepping out of my comfort zone a bit with my sweat sesh, I inevitably fell to a classic culinary favorite of mine: grilled lemon + pepper salmon.

Salmon filets
Olive Oil
Pepper + cayenne to season



1. Prep salmon in a bowl with lemon juice + sprinkle with pepper + cayenne. Slice a few lemons to throw on top for marinade while you grill.

2. Heat the grill to 400 degrees and throw on the salmon. Grill for 4-6  minutes on each side.

3. Nom
So maybe you’re unaware. But Big Sean and I are a lot alike. Perhaps you’re thinking, because we’re both music gangsters bringin in that guap — which I won’t argue. But more importantly, Big Sean and I both love asparagus.

To quote an article written about the veggie loving rapper, “Sean’s belief that asparagus is a sign of success and wealth.”


And if Big Sean believes every meal should come with asparagus, after this delish dinner I should be the most successful chick in the game.

And while I surrendered the wine for this meal (I know, who am I even?) I satisfied my sweet tooth  by adding an AMAZING twist to a campfire favorite. I give you PEANUT BUTTER + DARK CHOC + COCONUT s’mores.

photo 1
Girl Scouts everywhere, bow down.

Like riding a bike? A gooey dark chocolate + peanut butter bike.

Happy Sunday, kids.

Run far, eat well, drink better.

xo Mol


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