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Tuesday is a sneaky bastard.

Since the beginning of time, society has isolated Monday as the worst day of the week — it’s far from Friday and has seemingly no positive qualities. And I’m not here to dispute the truth of the evidence, more so the conclusion that Monday should hold the last place trophy.

On Monday, you’re at least coming off the weekend — well rested, and if you’re like I am, still full from the delicious meals you consumed. So all in all? Not that bad.

But Tuesday though…Tuesday, on the other hand, is an entirely different story. You’re tired from the full day you put in on Monday + sore from all the miles you ran to make up for the food you ate this weekend. Not to mention, you really feel no closer to Friday than you did the day before. Meanwhile, all this time, Monday takes the bad rap, and Tuesday cunningly slips under the radar.

So again I say, Tuesday is a sneaky bastard. BUT it doesn’t have to be.

So this week I made the most of my Tuesday with a KILLER morning superset workout and an AMAZING Taco Tuesday at my favorite taco joint east of Manhattan.


This week began particularly crazily, and while skipping workouts for an extra few hours of sleep is tempting, I know that getting up a little earlier to clock a killer sweat sesh will ultimately make my day MUCH more productive. So the alarm went off promptly at 6:00am and off to the gym I went for a stairmaster + superset workout.

Ah the stairmaster– ever fundamental + timeless. The sliced bread of exercise equipment, if you will. Don’t get me wrong, despite it’s traditionally 80’s mom workout reputation, a stairmaster workout can be AWESOME if executed properly. Get ready to sweat, kids.

For the first 12 minutes I usually work between level 10-12. The KEY to a good stairmaster workout is to not be that girl hunched over with all her weight in her arms. This is a LEG + BUTT cardio workout — so let them do all the work 🙂

  • 00:00-04:00 II normal frontward climb
  • 04:00-08:00 II side facing climb [right]
  • 08:00-12:00 II side facing climb [left]
  • 12:00-15:00 II increase level by 2 every 30 sec [so by 14:30-15:00 you should basically be sprinting up the stairs]


So now that you’re properly warmed up [ha..] here’s the superset to top it off:

This set is again inspired by CHAARG + the CHAARG Booty Camp 🙂 For the 30 second sets you want to focus on speed + for the 60 second sets focus on form. Take NO rest between + only 30 seconds between rounds. God speed.

  • :30 II high knees
  • :60 II sumo squats
  • :30 II tuck jumps
  • :60 II alt. lunges
  • :30 II burpees
  • :60 II pushups
  • :30 II jump squats
  • :60 II plank

REPEAT 4x for a total of 30 heart pumping minutes. Add a little cool down stretch and rejoice. The monitor does not lie. Not too shabby for under an hour + before bfast.



Over the past few months, I’ve fallen in love with someone new. It’s a love that’s deep + serious and one that my full Italian parents may not approve of.

But just as Juliet risked it all, I am willing to go to the ends of the earth (or at least Long Island) for my Mexican Romeo…tacos. Specifically $1 buffalo chicken tacos from the one and only Swell Taco in Babylon, NY.

IMG_1663 IMG_1677 IMG_1664


I have to be honest. In an ironic twist, I actually owe my hot + heavy affair with Swell to my boyfriend. Basically, if all else goes wrong in our relationship down the road, I could never fully hate him because he introduced me to this taco haven which has more or less become our place. To the point where if one day he suggested we tie the knot on Taco Tuesday at Swell, I would have a hard time saying no. $1 BUFFALO CHICKEN TACOS? Till death do us part.

IMG_1684 IMG_1669 IMG_1695 IMG_1709

To quote him, “It would be ideal if my girlfriend could always smell like tacos.” — so if that’s how I repay him, challenge accepted. And that’s love, kids.

Run far, eat well, drink better.

xo Mol





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