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torrential rain + thai shrimp + too many burpees

New York City in the rain is complicated.

New Yorkers are some of the savviest + most intelligent people on earth, but throw in a little unexpected precipitation and suddenly everyone + everything falls apart at the seams — subways cease proper function, street corners flood, and countless sad + broken umbrellas are abandoned.

Thankfully, though, New York know-how keeps us thinking on our feet [despite how soaked they may be] and a little rain doesn’t stop us.


And this week, when it rained, it poured — so I shook things up with a killer burn out workout + a delish home-cooked dinner to make it through the week.


By the time I finally stepped foot into the gym, I looked as if I had swam there.

And I’m not sure if it was the rain, or a little mid-week madness, but I decided to attempt a burnout workout inspired by my ladies over at CHAARG + the CHAARG Booty Camp.

After stepping down from my executive team position, I was worried I would feel displaced from this incredible organization, but these virtual camps have allowed me to maintain the connection — not to mention keep me accountable + on track through the summer.

So today I’m sharing my variation on the CHAARG 500 — five KILLER moves at 100 reps each, completed AS FAST AS YOU CAN — simple enough, right?

I started with a quick ten minute mile just to get warm + then it was off to the races.

– 100 crunches
– 100 kettlebell swings
– 100 burpees*
– 100 pushups
– 100 squat jumps

*This is not a typo. Yes, you will want to die. Yes, it will be worth it.


Basically by rep circa 70 of the burpees, I was praying for death. But thankfully, this song came on shuffle and my boys Jay Z + Kanye got me through it.


Anyone who knows me understands me when I say that I am a rabbit.

To quote my lovely boyfriend, “I’m not even going to waste my money on flowers. I’m just gonna buy you a giant veggie tray and call it a day.” And the saddest (or greatest?) part of that? I would be THRILLED.

And because fresh vegetables have such a special place in my heart + belly, I’m constantly exploring new ways to eat them. So today I’m sharing one of my FAV dinners: Thai Shrimp Lettuce Wraps.

photo 4photo 2

what you need:
– 1/2 pound cooked shrimp
– large romaine lettuce hearts
– shredded carrots
– chopped green pepper
– water chesnuts
– mushrooms
– coconut oil
– soy sauce
– fresh ginger
– sriracha

img_0989 img_1001

make it delicious:
1. Sautee shrimp + peppers + mushrooms in coconut oil + soy sauce on high heat
2. Julienne carrots + chop water chestnuts3. Remove shrimp + veggies from heat and mix with carrots + water chestnuts, add fresh ginger + mix it up4. Serve a top fresh romaine hearts + add sriracha or soy sauce
5. Nom


Despite my die hard dedication to Italian vino, when it comes to a dark + beautiful red wine, Chile is giving Italy a run for it’s money (sorry ancestors). So thanks to this lovely gift from a friend who knows me oh so well, I paired this meal with Natura Merlot.

IMG_0174photo 3

Along with the sounds of falling rain on my quiet Chelsea street, I casually enjoyed three (or four…) of these delish + filling wraps. Add Merlot + a little Downtown Abbey (legit addict) and the evening shaped up to be nothing short of perfect.

Because a rainy day in this city is still vastly greater than a sunny day anywhere else.

Run far, eat well, drink better

xo Mol



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