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cucina di molly

cucina di molly: tabata + turkey burgers + tuscany

In life, there are times to be efficient and there are times to savor every second.

Some aspects deserve maximum effort in minimal time, while other things deserve to be drawn out + treasured for all they are.

For me, workouts should be efficient and food + wine should be cherished.

Yes, there are times I enjoy a long, destination-less run, but between working full time + trying to soak up all this city has to offer, I really don’t have a second to waste. I can’t afford to spend two hours at the gym when there are museums to visit, beaches to lay on, and [of course] wine + meals to be feasted upon.

I believe in workout efficiency. I believe in making the most out of an hour with HIIT [high intensity interval training] — you can absolutely get your heart rate up + your sweat dripping in 60 minutes.

In fact, I’ll prove all you need is four with these killer Tabata sets.

Tabata refers to the workout layout — not the exercise itself. You can choose any exercise + make it Tabata — just perform as hard + fast as you can for :20, recover for :10 and repeat eight times for a total of four heart raising minutes.


I warmed up with a quick 5k around my beautiful neighborhood — as the days get hotter, the runs just have to get faster + earlier.


I ended my run near the river, found a patch of grass + prepared to Tabata.

set one:
Burpees +
Mountain Climbers

set two:
High Knees +
Tuck Jumps

set three:
Alt. Jump Lunges +
Jump Squats

set four:
Push ups +
In + Out Abs

Yes, on paper this is simply 20 minutes. But give it a try and I promise you’ll feel like you put it an hour at the gym — wonderfully exhausted.

photo 2

Keeping up with my fit goal, I finished with a few riverside yoga stretches + made my way home. All in all, this fabulous morning workout clocked in just under an hour and left me feeling sweaty + satisfied in just the right amount time.


As I began, opposite of the things requiring efficiency are the things deserving slow + steady appreciation. The take-your-time + savor-each-second kind of things that you draw out while silently praying they never end.

For me, food is one of those sanctified things.

This post was prefaced with “cucina di Molly” + for good reason. Living on my own, it’s easy to forget the exquisite honesty that comes from something homemade. So after starting my day with a handcrafted sweat-sesh, I continued the DIY feel with a FAB + EASY summer dinner — and obviously invited some first-class ladies over to enjoy it with me.

cilantro + lime turkey burgers



  what you need (this recipe serves 6!):

-red onion, chopped
-1/2 bunch cilantro
-1.5 pounds ground turkey
-garlic powder
-black pepper
-lime juice
-tomato, sliced
-whole grain sandwich buns

make it delicious:

  1. In a bowl, combine turkey + onion + cilantro
  2. Add garlic powder +  salt + black pepper + lime juice
  3. Dive in + mix it up [don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty]
  4. Divide into 6 patties + toss into pan for 7-10 minutes
  5. Throw between the bun, top it with arugula + tomato
  6. Nom


The Northern Italian in me paired this DELISH meal with Tuscan Pinots Grigio + Nero


All in all this meal cost around $40 [wine included!] which works out to about $7 /person. And while New York has INCREDIBLE burgers + wine, I can guarantee you won’t find a meal this tasty for less. Paired with my fav summer snack — some juicy wmellon — this handcrafted meal surely didn’t disappoint.


Living in this city, it’s easy to get caught up in the cosmopolitan + keeping-up-appearances lifestyle, so there’s nothing quite like a home cooked meal + good Tuscan wine + laughs among friends to bring you back down to earth.

Not a bad Tuesday at all.

Run far, eat well, drink better.

xo Mol



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