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sunday solace: breakfast sandwiches + breezy riverside runs

If heaven is individually personalized, mine would be an eternity of Sundays.


After 40-50 hour work weeks, Friday + Saturday night adventures, and everything in between, these precious rejuvenating hours are vital for my continued existence. There’s nothing I love more than rising with the sun and sipping a warm dark roast French pressed coffee with the summer morning breeze.


As previously communicated, I also adore these early Sunday hours because I love breakfast. I love taking my time to craft a delicious meal to start the day. And today began divinely with my original Egg White + Avocado Open-Faced Bfast Sandwich.


-2 egg whites
-lemon juice
-2 slices whole grain toast
-1/2 avocado
-tomato, sliced
-lemon pepper
-black pepper -basil

1. Cook your egg whites — to save time when I make this before work, I cook mine in the microwave [greatest dorm trick I still use] but when I have more time I just throw them in a skillet for a few minutes
2.Squeeze lemon juice onto the toast
3.Mash avocado with a fork and spread onto toast — sprinkle liberally with lemon pepper + pepper
4. Add tomato slices + basil
5. Add egg whites + nom


Anyone who has ever lived with me can attest that I begin my day with this meal AT LEAST twice a week. It’s so simple + UNBELIEVABLY delicious. Not to mention it keeps me full for a while which is essential for sustaining long workouts or just maintaining a busy day — GET IN MY BELLY.


Straight up? There are days I hate running.

Days I drag out the getting ready process, feeling unmotivated + just longing for when I’ll be finished. Days I look at my running shoes like a resilient opponent I’m preparing to battle against.

Then there are days I look forward to nothing more than putting shoe to pavement and escaping from the world for an hour. Days I look at my running shoes like a loyal ally, willing to stand by + battle with me.

Days like today.


I made my way to the far west side of the city, anticipating a much needed therapy session between me + my Nikes + miles in a beautiful place. And the results didn’t disappoint.

After a wonderful 5 miles [even clocked my fasted single mile ever @ 8:17] I was finally feeling like myself again. Clear headed + refreshed. Sometimes I find myself so lost in the shuffle of the everyday stresses — like I’m constantly treading water. But nothing quite puts my worries into perspective like taking time to appreciate a view like this.


In that moment along the Hudson, all I could think was, “I will never pay for professional therapy a day in my life.”

And you can hold me to that.

Happy Sunday, kids.

Run far, eat well, drink better.

xo Mol


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