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off the cuff: squats + summer salad

Ah Wednesday…the bittersweet mid-week madness. Transitioning back to the working Monday through Friday has been a whirlwind this week — filled with early mornings, late nights + hardly a free second to spare. When the craziness of this city engulfs me, straying from the healthy path becomes easy. Easy, yes, but not inevitable.

So for some mid-week motivation I’m sharing my “off the cuff” workout and meal of the week: an impromptu run intermixed with squats + a summer salad thrown together from forgotten [but still delish] fridge ingredients.

These are the workouts you didn’t think you had time for, the ones you nearly skipped, the ones that didn’t go according to plan — but the ones that evolved into something that left you feeling sweaty + satisfied. And completed with the creative, by-the-way meals built from last week’s left overs.


And for this post, I really mean HOW MUCH I sweat. New York humidity is in full swing — the streets are hotter, the air is stickier, and the people who smelled before suddenly smell a lot worse. Today was a steamy 85 degrees with 95% humidity — enough heat to make even a camel want to abandon the sun for some rare New York AC. And as tempting as it was to skip a workout for some Jamba Juice, I pushed my already sweaty self out of the office and into the park.

I started to run my usual route and was feeling pretty great as I  settled into my groove, so I decided to mix things up a bit. I’ve been lately trying to diminish my mile pace, so today I pushed myself to run one mile as fast as I could, stop for 25 squats + continue running. I repeated the cycle 4x and finished with a .5 mile cool down [relatively speaking as cool as one can get in such weather]


This was definitely one of those “terrible while you’re doing it + wonderful when you’re done” workouts. But just as a slowed my pace + neared the exit of the park, wonderful + refreshing rain drops began to fall — the perfect end to this killer sweat session.


Naturally, after a sweaty subway ride to lower Manhattan, my hunger began to set in. And as I turned the key to my apartment, I realized I STILL hadn’t found time to restock my fridge this week. Too tired to tackle the fiasco that is Trader Joe’s in New York City, I decided to toss together the ingredients I had into a free-for-all, no rules summer salad.



what you need:

-red onion, chopped
-celery, chopped
-tomato, diced
-yellow pepper, chopped

top it off:
-lemon juice
-splash of apple cider vinegar [my newest obsession!]
-lemon pepper
-dash of cumin


As a predominately right-brained human being, I thrive on creativity — one of the primary reasons I love to cook. Cooking is not an exact science by any means [hence my lack of quantifying the ingredients above] — I have the freedom to chop up some left over fruits and veggies, throw them into a bowl and still sit down with something fresh + delicious.

And so after this “off the cuff” workout and meal, I’m going to bed happy + healthy + ready to tackle the rest of the week.


Run far, eat well, drink better.

xo Mol


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