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weekend spice

weekend spice: friends + food + fine wine

They say that variety is the spice of life. As schedules become habits though, such an adage gets lost within a predictable Monday through Friday. So these are the posts dedicated to relinquishing routines and embracing variety with a dash of weekend spice.

And surely, this weekend did not lack seasoning, the meals were delicious and the friends [much like the wine] have only gotten better with age. Several great, long standing friends of mine came to the city, and even as I write this I wish to rewind to Friday and do it all over again. With full glasses + hearts + bellies [particularly bellies…] we breathed in much of the incredible this city has to offer.


After a 7AM start to the day + miles trekked through Manhattan, my stomach began to growl. And if you listened carefully, you would’ve heard it whispering “Brooklyn”  because summer Saturdays can only mean one thing — Smorgasburg. The single greatest culmination of food + beer + sweets along the East River. Vendors from all over the city come together to gift New Yorkers + it’s visitors to small bites of culinary heaven.

Shadowed by sunlight + skyline, the biggest question becomes, where to feast first? After taking several laps and carefully weighing the options, the first course was chosen: a thai-style hot dog from Asiadog. Believe me, this was far from your average ball-park dog–100% organic beef with fixings exploding with fresh + light flavor.



Although I was fully satisfied with meal number one, I knew we were only getting started. I began skimming the options for the second course and the answer was suddenly very clear: Mighty Quinn’s BBQ. I love a good barbeque [who doesn’t] — but my reasoning is somewhat unique. Yes I love a tender pulled pork or juicy chicken, but the true factor in my cookout cuisine selection is the sauce. For me, good barbeque cannot exist naked, and Mighty Quinn’s sweet + tangy was the black tie ensemble to my delish brisket.

IMG_0206 IMG_0219 IMG_0221

And finally, because this is not my first rodeo with Smorgasburg, I knew I couldn’t return to Manhattan without my third and final course being the legendary Bruffin — a light + buttery texture in adorable muffin form. Featuring Bruffins as tiny representations of countries around the world, the hardest part becomes selecting a country–so naturally we got two: Canada [maple bacon + cheddar cheese] and Norway [salmon + goat cheese + capers] — PERFECTION.

IMG_0246 IMG_0254

Is your stomach full from just looking at all of this? Well surprisingly, after a few hours + a long walk across the Williamsburg bridge, we were ready to indulge again. At a small Italian pizzeria near the High Line gathered some of my dearest visiting friends. And over Pinot [nero + grigio] we laughed over memories and margherita pies. I took a moment to sit back + listen — appreciating the fact that five years ago in our small town suburb, who’d have thought we’d end up here — in the greatest city in the world, toasting the greatest friendships, the times we’ve shared and the millions of adventures to come.

IMG_0285 IMG_0298 IMG_0303

Many miles will be run this week in response to the food coma I’m still in, but you better believe taking a day to splurge over good food + better wine + best friends was worth every bite.

Run far, eat well, drink better.

Xo Mol

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