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like today's the last

like today’s the last: ‘bell pyramid + bison

New York City — center of the universe. But more importantly, home of the Ramen burger + the Cronut + the life altering Artichoke Pizza. My point? New Yorkers don’t mess around — not in life, but especially not in food. It’s cliché, but life IS just too short to pass up a Nutella filled rice ball.

Now, that being said, I’ve formerly expressed my belief in balance. And so in order to indulge in such heavenly creations, a killer sweat-sesh is essential. A workout that pushes you beyond your physical and mental limits and leaves you feeling gloriously exhausted.

This series of posts will be dedicated to the wonderful blend of killer workouts + must have eats and treats. Those workouts you exhaust your entire self into and the foods you simultaneously savor and devour — like today’s the last.

[These posts are inspired by my tres fab friend and fellow food enthusiast, Dan Dao — check him out here!]


Ah the Kettlebell – my greatest ally and my worst enemy all wrapped in one tiny package. This small [but mighty] item’s ability to bring about so many sore muscles continually baffles and amazes me—which is why I am thrilled when I can incorporate it into a workout.


Here’s how I sweat:

Part One — 3.5 mile light run (6mph)

Part Two — Kettlebell Pyramid [seriously this is KILLER — works every muscle you have + cardio]

The “pyramid” aspect references the reps you do — for this workout, I did 10, 20, 35, 50, 35, 20, 10 reps of each of the following exercises [with one minute rest between sets]:

  • -KB squats (25 lb)
  • -Russian Twists (15 lb)
  • -Swings (25 lb)
  • -Figure 8s (25 lb)
  • -Push ups (25 lb)

Aaaand congratulate yourself.

Thursday traditionally means date night, but after a terribly long week for both of us, Chris and I decide to order in + eat at home. For an average human, this process should be fairly simple: open Seamless, choose restaurant, choose food, order food + nom. However, Chris will be the first to attest that I am not among these average folks when it comes to take out, or any general choices involving food. There are just too many options. Too many things I want to eat and not enough time eat them. On top of that is the ill-conceived fear I have of making a regretful choice, making a seemingly simple operation quite complicated. Hey, I take my food seriously, okay? Did you try that KB workout? Yeah, I earned a stellar meal and I am going to take my time choosing the right one.

But this time, like a lighthouse guiding me to the shore of indulgence, the dinner choice was simple — Bareburger. I’m not a huge red meat fan, but every now and then I crave a juicy burger, and let me be the first to say, these guys know what they’re doing. And I knew exactly what I was ordering–the bison burger. Yes, that’s right, bison.


Needless to say, taking these photos was the most difficult part, because it meant having to wait an extra six minutes to eat this incredible hunk of heaven between bread. The bison could easily stand alone on delicious merit, but include fresh tomato, lettuce + cilantro lime dressing and forget about it. With a glass of Cupcake Red Velvet Blend + some [obv.] sweet potato fries with organic house ketchup, in that moment, life truly could not have been better.IMG_0087image_1image



And if tomorrow never comes, at least I sweat + ate + drank like today’s the last.


Happy Weekend, Kids.

Run far, eat well, drink better.

xo Mol


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