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tree pose + trains + to-go breakfast

From a young age, I’ve loved to travel. Not necessarily the “wanderlust” + “gotta see the world” sense, but more so the physical act of it.  Whether it be through skies, roads, or rails, I simply love rising with the sun in one place and setting with it in an entirely different one. Not mention that no matter how old I get, I never feel more grown up than when I board a plane or train alone–a feeling the independent only child in me always cherishes.

photo 5


Today, my day began at half past five, the sun just beginning to peak through the windows of my New York loft. With a long day ahead, I fit in a quick morning yoga session. Rediscovering my love for yoga is a summer fit goal of mine. Not only for the physical benefits (easing sore hamstrings + tight runner’s hips) but also the mental and emotional ones. I’m not trying to get all “flower child beneath the rainbows” but seriously–take 15 minutes, stretch + prepare yourself for the day. It’s the forenoon interpretation of the post-work glass of wine–magical.


If you are a follower of mine on Instagram, or keep up with my Snap Chat story, you know better than anyone that I love breakfast. Genuinely, I sometimes go to bed earlier merely so morning (and breakfast + coffee) will arrive sooner. So naturally when plans dictated I travel so early, my first thought was “what can I pack + eat on the train?” And I landed on the fan favorite: my famous Berry Coconut Oatmeal in a Jar.

photo 3

– 1/2 cup whole grain oats
– 2 tbls. unsweetened shredded coconut
– fresh blue/straw/any berries
Combine all ingredients in a medium sized mason jar, add boiling water. Stir for two minutes. Put cap on. Refrigerate.
Open and enjoy as is, or warm it up + enjoy 🙂


After a long, yet pricelessly rewarding, day of filming with CNN (details to come in a future post), I met again my good friend, Amtrak, and commenced the trek back to the city. The sunlight, quickly fleeting, brought an atmosphere not unlike the one I woke to at 5:30 this morning. Penn Station welcomed me with open arms. Exhausted, I emerged on 34th street, fully intending to duck into a subway for home, when my best friend’s voice came to mind. A few weeks ago, Chloe advised me to “always drag my tired body through the city.” — to embrace these moments when light of the Empire State Building guides you, the moments caught in the felicity between night sky and city streets, because they will not last forever.

photo 4


Finally back in my apartment, I poured a glass of 2012 XXI Merlot (my current fav), and let out a wonderfully exhausted sigh. Here’s to the journey of today, and everyday. Because whether it’s a train to Connecticut or a walk home down 8th avenue, all you can do is enjoy the ride.



run far, eat well, drink better.

Xo Mol


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